Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So today is no Different than recent days

So today is simply Tuesday. While it might not mean a lot to many as they think they still have 3 days of work, it means a lot to me!

You see my mom has lung cancer, and she just passed the 1 year mark. If you have read anything about stage IV lung cancer, you know the one year mark is HUGE, it’s a CELEBATATION, given current terms it’s a blessing. The statistics say I should have buried my mom by now, yet my mom has fought hard to be here today. I know that fight has not been easy, yet nothing worthwhile is.

My mom is amazing! She has fought this fight so hard. I live in Phoenix and she lives in San Diego so I don’t see her daily. For the most part I only get to know of her fight via her voice. While I have visited mom every month this year, you know you can’t get everything from a voice.

Lung Cancer is a horrible disease. 80-85 percent of it brought on by smoking. Yet kids still smoke. Why? I is a horrible addiction to lose, some experts say harder than heroin. I wish my mom, and I knew what smoking would do to us years ago. The warnings on the pack of cigarettes say “smoking may cause lung cancer”. WTF? Until you are faced with lung cancer you honestly have no idea what it does to a person.

Ok so enough about the bad and on to some good. We HAVE to change the smoking laws to make more and more smokers QUIT and QUIT FOR GOOD. Why are we, as a country bailing out GM, yet so few are fighting for lung cancer, or it’s prevention?
I close this with how PROUD I AM OF MY MOM and everyone fighting lung cancer. Lung cancer, as all cancers SUCK!!!!!!!!!
With Many Blessings,

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