Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So we are over the first speed bump

This morning first thing, even before my first cup of coffee, I sent an email to my brother, sister and uncle telling them we are only at the first of many “bumps” in the road. The road ahead is long and unpaved and we need to be the ones to pave it. The foundation was not started to help only mom, it was started to help, help people just like us. The people faced with a brick wall over and over. Helping to get over that brick wall, one person and family at a time. We are going to knock that wall over and overcome the challenges we as a family have faced.

Today we have started just that. Since we started this mission, purpose or passion in life we have been blessed with the support, thoughts and prayers of over 100 people. I can’t speak for the other board members or family members when I say this, however this has become a passion and purpose in my life. I am sure the other board members and family members will agree. We have started something that should have been started years ago, back in the 1970’s when the US declared war on Cancer. I often wonder why the USA, being a world leader does not have national insurance. The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation will work hard to change that, every person deserves the same treatment, regardless of their financial situation.

The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation was only an idea just 13 days ago and today we are impacting the lives of people all over the continental US and soon to be the world. We have in place already a Blue’s Band fund raiser here in Phoenix as a start. We are going to bring this cause across the world so The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation will change the lives of millions.

I am going to close this blog with only one thing. Mom I love you and with your battle with lung cancer the foundation started in your name will change the world.

So even I am not sure why I say I am going to close with only one thing, as I never do. Mom for your 53rd birthday you are getting a passport. I am headed back to Cancun for an amazing transformational workshop where you and I will walk over 1200 hundred degree coals hand in hand, without breaking a sweat.

I love you mom, and I love that you have taught us to change the world even though we were unsure how to do it. You did it without knowing, I am pretty sure!


Monday, July 21, 2008

A more positive outlook

Well today has been a great day. We have been getting contributions for the foundation most of the day! Wonderful! As I chatted with my brother over the weekend we were both wondering when the contributions would start kicking in. As you know tomorrow is a big day for mom. She's going to have her scans, which are costing a ton of money!! $6900.No worries though. We are getting there. By mom's appointment tomorrow we will have what it takes. I am a true believer in "God will only give you what he thinks you can handle". Everything that he has given me thus far I have been able to over come (mostly with the help of my family). When I first found out mom has lung cancer, it devastated me. But as time passed with the support of my brothers (I LOVE YOU GUYS!) I have been able to get through this, you see because I know the Lord knows I can't lose my mom therefore she's not going anywhere. This devastating disease has definitely taken a toll on our family. We have grown stronger as a family & we will get through this. I can remember at the beginning of this wondering how we were going to help our mom. We all put ours heads together & started this foundation for mom & many others. Please visit our site Lizmartoccilungcancerfoundation.org. Contribute if you can but if you can't remember to sign in on our guest book. I'm going to wrap this up by saying mom is feeling good most days. Soon she will feel better everyday. Thank you to everyone who has helped our family and this foundation. May god bless you & your families.

With Love Laura

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Will Beat this Disease

Today when I woke up I called mom she didn't answer so I went on about my morning business well about 45 mins went by and mom still hadn't called back so I called again still no answer this time I was getting kind of worried she usually answers the phone when one of the kids call. I called my pops and asked him if mom was around he said she was in the shower, wow what a relief I thought maybe something was wrong because with this disease you just don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. I know that we will make this goal to cover the scans so we can find out what stage were in and fight this thing head on. This has been a real struggle for me other than the coughing you really cant tell mom is sick but in my head I know she is truly sick and will only get better with the support from our family members.
So in closing I just want to say that everything works out for a reason and this is just another reason for us to continue on. because we will beat this disease that makes everyone stronger. May god bless you and your family's


Never in a Million Years Would I have Thought

Daily I sit here at my dinning room table on my laptop computer waiting to hear the next “ding” of my computer indicating an email has arrived. Some of the emails are those of support and prayers which I truly value and some of the emails are titled “Dear Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation a Donation has been received”. Today I am waiting the hear a ding indicating the latter. As I mentioned in my previous blog we need to be gifted another $4800 by Tuesday. I gave my mom my word the PET scan and Brain scan were already taken care of. At this very moment I am hoping for a miracle, yet inside me I know it is just going to happen if I allow it to.

Just before I started to type this blog one of those “dings” did happen. It was an email from PayPal requesting a bunch more paperwork we do not currently have. Again we are left waiting by the government. Once the 501c3 paperwork is complete and sent to the IRS is can take 3-6 months to get approval. If you don’t believe me do a search on the net or just visit http://www.501c3solutions.us/faq.htm You may also notice on that site the number of hours that are required to complete the paperwork. Let’s just say to complete the paperwork (if you are a pro) you would need to work on it non-stop for 5 days. That means no sleep for 5 days. Thankfully I hired a company to do the paperwork for us so I can spend my time building the website and getting the word out.

I have always known if you put your mind to something you can do it. I have walked over 1200 degree coals with the instruction of the same teacher that took Diane Sawyer over 1200 degree coals in time square. When you think about that it is pretty amazing, what a blessed life I have.

I sit here at my dinning room table knowing I can walk on fire wondering how we as a family, a foundation, with a board of directors, wondering how we are going to raise the funds needed with such little time. I continually look up at the clock thinking last night we need to average $50 an hour and now it about $67 and hour, and nothing has come in today. With each hour that passes the amount per hour needed goes up. Do I fear it will not happen? No I do not. Again I stay focused on the end result and somehow someway it will happen. As I reflect back on previous times in my life that have been a challenge I think about all the times my mom has said “don’t worry baby it will all work out for you it always does”. You know what it has always worked out for me, but this time it is not about me, it is about her. That makes this challenge even greater.

I am going to close this blog with one thing I truly believe in, thoughts become things. What you think about you bring about. I can already see the $6900 dollars in the bank account on Tuesday to cover her PET scan and Brain scan, after all we already have $2100 in there.

May god and the universe bless you and those around you!

Until next time,

Dan Hart

Friday, July 18, 2008

Disability Kicks In

So hear goes another night of my mind racing 100 miles an hour, wondering what else I can do to help my mom and others in her situation. The foundation has raised just over $2500 in gifts in just a week. $390 of that went to moms Dr Visit yesterday. Last night while I was blogging I knew we had it all under control. Mom needed a PET CT scan we were told. That was fine, $2400 would not be difficult to come up with, after all we still have just over $2100 in the foundations account. Then the shocker hit, the doctor has also requested a brain scan. The brain scan is $4500. It appears we will need to come up with about $4800 in less than 96 hours. If my math is correct we need to average gifts $50 an hour until her test, and that does not count the payment processing time. Of course it is possible; however I am not certain how to do it. Just over a week ago I could not imagine getting to the point we are currently at, yet we did so I know we will get over this hill. I am not sure what country song it is but one speaks about sometimes those mountains we are trying to get over are really just a grain of sand. I know this is just that. I will continue to focus on the end goal and the path to get there will appear.

Today has actually been a pretty cool day. Mom is scheduled to see what stage her lung cancer is in. Tuesday is the big day for the scans, both PET CT and brain, and then it is the waiting game. Waiting is hard for me I can’t imagine what she must feel like. Mom also got a letter from disability saying she will receive a check each week for $217. She called me at work to tell me and it was the most excitement and joy I have heard in her voice in weeks. The 501c3 paperwork is coming along well. It was suggested we add a disclaimer to the site stating donations are considered gifts at this time and may or may not be tax deductible.

As you may know from previous blogs mom has never really used a computer, thus making blogging a little difficult. We considered having her write in a journal with pen and paper and then one of us would type it out. Most likely my brother or sister since I live 350 miles away in Arizona. I decided it would be a good idea if mom did it in her own words and her own voice. I talked with mom and asked if she would be willing to do it and she agreed. I then spoke with my brother and sister to make sure they were on board and now you can listen to mom online. She simply calls into a number that records her much like a voicemail and a link is created that can be posted on the internet. If you read my last blog, tonight I am thinking the internet is a great thing.

I called her and told her the number to dial and what to do and asked her to call me back when she was done. She was eating ice cream at the time so I expected she would wait until tomorrow to do it. Not 5 minutes later my phone rang and it was mom. I played the audio on my computer while she listened. I think she was pretty amazed. I have now posted it on the foundation website www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org Currently it is on the Meet Liz page, however as she records more and more audio file of her battle with lung cancer I will archive them on a special page. My nephews that are not yet old enough to write to their nana can also call in and record and we will post them as well. The audio is a great way to hear my mom’s voice whenever I need to. I also hope it will inspire others that are either living with lung cancer or are a friend or family member to do the same.

Amazing things are happening all around us. What seemed impossible last week now is possible. Personally I have grown leaps and bounds in just the last week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Until next time may god and the universe bless you and those around you,

Dan Hart

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today has been a very positive, productive day

Today has been a very positive, productive day. The foundation received several emails from complete strangers with their stories sharing their support. The age of the internet is pretty astounding. The internet has become one of those things I love to hate, yet love. Let me explain just a little bit of what I mean. I am on the internet all day at my job, which I truly enjoy. It used to be after a day in the office the last thing I wanted to see was a computer. After being on a computer all day I certainly did not want to jump on one when I got home. Since June 10, 2008 when my mom found out she “might” have lung cancer I have been on the net pretty much everything for hours on end. Searching the keywords “lung cancer, lung cancer treatment” well you get the idea. Type that into google.com and most of what comes back is truly negative. And I was allowing myself to fill my mind with negative thoughts. The fear of “what if”. I will not go into my thoughts of “what if’s”. I’ll let you use your imagination.

If you have been keeping up with my blogs and the blogs of the family you are aware we have a signed letter from a Doctor stating my mom is terminal. We as a family believe this was simply to help push us over the brick wall we keep running into. Apparently when you have a piece of paper saying you are terminal the government and other funding will help. That seems extremely strange to me. I have not heard of anyone in the world that has gotten out alive. Aren’t we all terminal? Men and women are dying in wars, children are starving all over the world, the first 8 minutes of every new cast is about someone being murdered, a car crash, a school shooting the list goes on and on. When you have an illness and statistics say time is not on your side isn’t it just a mind over matter thing? People survive horrible illnesses everyday. A very good friend of mine was told he would not walk with his graduating High School class. He had cancer as well. HE made his mind up that this would not be an end, just a new beginning. He is now 26 going to be 27 in Sept. He was terminal, and just like everyone reading this, still is.

As a family we had a remarkable day today. My mom was able to see the doctor, thanks to the funds we have raised with the foundation. Given mom’s current medical records the doctor only believes the cancer to be at stage 2b. Mom needs some more tests to be sure, however 2b is awesome. It might be in stage 3a which is still ok. When my brother asked the Dr what if it is stage 4, the doctor said “let’s not even go there, I don’t think it is”. When I heard what the doctor said I knew we had finally stuck gold. If a doctor is going to be positive then it will help ease the feelings inside of all of our family. Something even more remarkable, the doctor visits are $390 each time regardless of the amount of time the doctor see’s my mom. Mom’s doctor is so cool she said most things can be handled over the phone. Thus saving us and the foundation a lot of money. The other miraculous thing is we have raised enough money for the next set of tests. Not but a week ago we (as a family) were not sure how we were going to pay the $390 for today’s doctor visit. It’s amazing how when you focus on the outcome and not the means to get there, it just happens.

So the typical Dan blog, I go on to long and as I type what I had originally planned to blog about completely changed. Much like life, sometimes what we have planned for life doesn’t always turn out how we have planned yet with every new step there is a new discovery. This week I have discovered how powerful my family is as a unit. When we all pulled together and took action, things began to happen.

As I close this blog I have to mention the foundation just received an email from a comedian in Boston, the other side of the country, offering to do a comic show. He is even will to gather 3 more comedians all we need to do is secure the venue. He will even make the flyer to promote it. His email came from a craigslist posting my uncle Tim did. Maybe the internet is not all that bad.

May god and the universe bless you and those around you,

Dan Hart

We were just dealt an ACE

Lets just start by saying today was a good day for this ace that has been dealt to our family. We had a doctor’s appointment with my mom’s primary lung cancer doctor by what she has seen in the CT scan she thinks that mom is in stage 2b which is a good thing it is curable. She ordered some more tests just to be sure. The only thing that I worry about is what if she is beyond the stage 3 of this horrible disease. Stage 4 is not curable she did say that stage 4 is treatable but in the long run comes to DEATH and that we will not let happen even if she does have stage 4 she will be a survivor. I guess the point I am trying to make is that if we keep thinking positive thoughts we will get through this and mom will be here until I die. MOM I LOVE YOU JEFFREY

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Getting Through This

As I lay in my bed tonite I find myself tossing & turning. I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep. So I decided to blog. You see one of the most important people to me has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. This very special person is my mom. (Please visit her sight @ www.lizmartoccilungcancerfoundation.org) About a month ago my mom was diagnosed with this horrible disease. I know my family & I will fight to get her better but let me tell you it has been a hell of a struggle. One of my brothers told me it's like a deck of cards & we have been dealt the ace now play it right.. I still struggle to find out what that means because I have been dealt with a lot of crap in my life but the possibilty of losing my mom because the government doesn't want to help her, who by the way has been a tax paying citzen for a really long time, I just can't comprehend that. Ok so my mom has worked crappy jobs with no insurance coverage for all of her life & now when she needs the state on her side they say NO!! Well we are not going to take NO for an answer. This has been a struggle but we are getting through it. My brothers & I with the help of Jazmine have started this foundation to help our mom & many others that may come across what we have. I'm not real good at this blogging stuff because I don't talk about my feelings much. So please visit my mom's sight and donate if you can. Remember to sign in on her guest book page. Let's increase the awarness of Lung Cancer-this is the leading cause of death in cancer patients. Awareness is minimal. The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation is going to strive to make a change. Let's not let it take another life! We are survivors! All of us! MOM I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! I WILL WORK WITH MY BROTHERS TO MAKE YOU BETTER. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. DON'T GIVE UP. PLEASE STAY POSITIVE. LOVE LORI.

What a difference a Day makes

So if you stumbled across my blog you most likely know the story of what is going on in my life at the moment. If not please visit my moms website www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org to read about it. Anyway today has been pretty amazing. We hit the first of many records in our fund raising. In one day we received more donations than my mom used to make in two weeks and in 5 days we have raised more than she used to make in a month. I find it amazing yet sad it takes something like lung cancer to make people unite and pull together during tough times.

I do have to say thank you to everyone that has helped get the word out as well as to those that have donated money. Money is wonderful and money is needed, however one of our goals as a foundation is to bring more awareness to lung cancer. As I type this I am reflecting on what the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation has committed to do every day, and I am very proud to say again we have accomplished our goals, our vision. These are the goals we strive for each and every day. They are posted on the first page of our website.

Financially Support those without help insurance so they receive the medical care they so deserve as quickly as possible.

Address the informational needs of people living with lung cancer and their loved ones.

Provide compassion and support to those facing the many challenges of lung cancer.

Increase lung cancer awareness

Bring optimism to families living with lung cancer

I can say these will never change, everyday we will achieve each one of these bullet points, and I know we will add to the list. As the foundation grows, with the help of wonderful people, we will continue to grow personally and professionally.

Now is it easy to achieve these goals each day? I have to be honest and say NO. Today for example I thought I had all of the 501c3 paperwork to make us a “real” no profit complete and ready. I had a go to guy that was going to take care of it. Well he did, not exactly. My vision was he was going to say ya Dan I can take care of it for you. Instead what he told me is that 501c3’s are not his specialty and he offered me advice as to how I could get it done, and what questions to ask along the way. At first I felt disappointed, then I realized I had just been given a gift. I was just about to learn more about corporate America than I ever cared to know. I read the sites he suggested and then I decided I just needed to “act” on it make the decision and get it done. So I used money that was set to pay my mortgage to hire a company to do all of the paperwork, filing, articles of incorporation and just get this project that is now going to be a life long passion. The awesome part is the company let me split it into 3 payments and my brother and sister both said they would take on a payment. Let me tell you, not one of the 3 of us has money. We are all one paycheck from foreclosure, yet we have a passion and with passion everything else will just fall into place.

I am going to close this blog with one thing. That one thing is “thoughts become things”. One week ago today this foundation was simply a thought. Less than one week into this we are already a six figure a year foundation and we have only just begun. We are going to pass this gift on to so many.

Ok so you know I rarely close with one thing. Almost a month ago, I broke and arrow with my throat, bent rebar with the soft spot in my neck and walked over 1200 degree coals 7 times. After doing all of those things I was left wondering what do I do next? Well my calling has come and it is the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation.

May god and the universe bless you and those around you,

Dan Hart

So where do I start because everyday is a struggle.

So where do I start because everyday is a struggle. It even comes more of a struggle when at about 3pm I get an email from my little sister saying that my mom has this new pain coming from her neck. We take a family vote and we say she needs to go to the hospital because the “what ifs” come to mind what if the cancer has spread what if it is not related at all we just have to be sure. My Wife Jazs takes her to the E.R. at Thorton Hospital in La Jolla I get there kind of late she has already checked in at the registration desk minutes later we get to the room my mom and myself go into the room while Jazmine is in the waiting room. While were waiting for the doctor to see us I start up a conversation with my mom I haven’t really got into deep feelings with my mom because I want to show her that I am strong but this is the worst card that has been dealt to me in my whole life. I have been dealt some bad cards but i got through them just like we going to get through this Ace. I have to let her know how I feel. I tell her she needs to keep positive thoughts (but really if you know that you are terminally ill how can you think positive thoughts) she understands that will help beat this horrible disease. She tells me she’s tired of people telling her us no getting the run around because time is the upmost importance right now. While sitting there she must have coughed for about 20 seconds straight I know that must hurt. I know when I have the chest flu it hurts to cough so just imagine if you had a 4cm tumor on your lung. She’s scared of chemotherapy and radiation she doesn’t want her babies (The grandkids) to see her sick. She knows the big ones know what’s up but the little ones have no clue. She wants them to remember her not being sick. That was pretty hard listening to I tried not to wet my eyes but how could I not. I give her a Big Hug and tell her were going to beat this in all ways and make awareness so this doesn’t happen to anybody else. Then the doctor comes in and ask what’s wrong she tells him that her chest hurts bad and the back of her neck is hurting as well he says "So the new pain is the neck" Mom responds "Yes" He does is checkout and tells her that it is from the stress WELL SHIT I THINK YOU WOULD HAVE STRESS IF EVERYBODY TELLS YOU NO. He says I can give you some muscle relaxers and some anti flamotory meds but this in an emergency room and right now the test you need is outpatient stuff and we cant run the tests that are needed here in this department you need to see your lung doctor. I then step in and say she’s afraid that the pain is being caused because the cancer might have spread into her neck. He assures her that lung cancer doesn’t spread that fast and she seems relaxed for that moment. They do and ekg just to be safe it turns out fine he discharges her. She’s hungry and we go eat. This was the first time I’ve seen her clean her plate wow that was great she hasn’t been eating that well. In closing i just want to say I think with the E.R. doctor telling her it can’t spread that fast it has eased her mind a little bit and that will help her get through this. MOM REMEMBER I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND YOU CAN BEAT THIS WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS YOUR SON JEFFREY

Please visit her website and sign here guest book. www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The last month has been tough

The last month has been a trying time for my family and I we just found out that our mother has been diagnosed with Lung cancer. This is a horrible disease and if not treated fast might just cost her her life. The problem that we have is that she has no health insurance so we been getting this run around with all these county services CMS, MEDICAL,SSI, we fill out the paperwork then they tell us to come back in 2 weeks well frankly what if she doesn't have 2 weeks she has a 4cm size tumor on her right lung (which is the size of a golf ball OUCH) I call her everyday to check on her to see how's she's feeling most of the time I think she hesitates to tell the truth because she has in the back of her mind she has no money to fight this disease but the funny thing is I never use to call my mother on a regular basis it took this horrible disease to just do that so don't take anything for granite. You don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. She has one of the best lung cancer doctors to treat her but they won’t see her unless she has funding of some kind. We have told the doctors many times just treat my mother and we will take care of the bill and we all know it will be a costly battle. The grandkids have said they will set up lemonade stands recycle bottles and cans and we have set up a foundation in her name so we can fight this together. That also has been a struggle but isn't life a struggle. MY MOTHER IS ONLY 52 AND HAS MANY MORE YEARS TO GO SO WE WILL NOT LET HER DIE. Sometimes I feel like doing what Denzel Washington did for is son in the movie John Q because I am “armed and ready” but I know in the back of my mind this is not the way to do it. I don't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep or had a dry eye. I just can't imagine what my mom is going through. Everyday somebody asks me how my mom is doing I say she woke up this morning so that was a good thing. MOM I LOVE U. Sometimes I wonder why we pay taxes aren't these services there for us when we need them. Ill tell you this some of our family members are getting a lot closer because of this and it helps to talk about it THANKS BRO LOVE YOU. In closing I just want to thank everybody who took the time to read this but most importantly is TO TELL MY MOTHER I LOVE HER AND WILL GET THROUGH THIS BATTLE YOUR SON JEFFREY AND FREINDS PLEASE REPOST

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brittnee's Story

My grandmother has lung cancer she is very sick she has done everything for me she bought me stuff she even bought us a fish. She has a special heart in my heart. She has the right to save us no matter what. She has the right to be healthy, to be strong and to be knowledgeable. We helped to collect cans to raise money for her foundation www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org

No matter what she is still in my heart even if she dies i'll always remember her even when god thanks me for remembering her and loving her. She is my special grandmother she loves us and we love her, she cares about us and we care about her. please someone help her we need her in are life please she needs help.

From her very own granddaughter

Brittnee. 8 years old

Isayah's Story

My nana has lung cancer and she doesn't have insurance so we are trying to do a fundraiser to help her. My family also started www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org to help raise money for her and others. My nana is the best person in the world and i love her more than any thing in the world, there isn't anything i couldn't do without her, without her my life is a whole birds nest. I talk to her about my problems and she is the only one that can help me solve them my mom cant and my dad cant but only my nana can do it, she just has this special power that makes her do it. She takes us to the fair every year and does all that fun stuff with us she buys us things like today she bought us a fish so far shes bought us 5 pets and if you put all of them together that's a lot of money and do you know why she does all those things for and with us do you I'm asking you do you know why she does all those things ? Well i do she does it because she LOVES US AND WE LOVE HER AS MUCH AS SHE LOVES US ESPECIALLY ME I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR HER AND I'M NOT JOKING I'M DEAD SERIOUS NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. I really hope you all that read this letter help our nana by at least donating maybe 5 to 10 maybe even less and remember if all of you that read this letter and give in a couple of dollars you will all be blessed by god if you allow him in to your heart you will be blessed
by your grandson who loves you more than anything in the world ISAYAH ANTHONIE BURNS - 11 years old

When NO is not an option

“Play it safe, don’t take any unnecessary risk with money and investments”, was the constant in put from my family growing up. You see I grew up the oldest child of a spilt family. My mom, a single working mother raised us three children the best she knew how. We moved from Michigan to California for a better life but was it really? Like so many other families now days the struggle to survive is very overwhelming and disempowering, with all the corporate downsizing due to outsourcing to other countries, lowering cost through automation, to where the old rules of working with the same company until you retire no longer apply anymore.

I will never forget the day I went to the mailbox with my mom, at 13 years old, reason unknown, but it has changed my life forever. My mom put that bronze key in the mailbox and opened it to find it STUFFED. I remember thinking we can’t have that many bills, granted I was only 13. All of the envelopes were the same. My mom opened one, then another. They were all made out for the same amount for every week my father was past due on child support. We had won the LOTTERY!!!!!! My mom, through her tears, said, “we’re going to Disney Land” she rented a van and allowed each of us to invite a friend to go. It was like Christmas in July for us. We had never been on a family vacation together, it was an unforgettable experience.

So, why am I sharing this with you now? Because my mom is an extremely powerpower woman. She has lung cancer and she does not have medical insurance to cover her treatment. Worse yet she can not even get disability or Social Security because her employer of 11 years has not paid into her SSI for the last 5 years. What a system we have in the US of A! Someone that works hard can not even get medical treatment because they only make $8 hr, and their boss does not do what they are supposed to do, simply take taxes from their check and pay them to Social Security. My mom and Pop’s are tax paying citizen’s, even with a total income of just of $30K a YEAR they had to pay more to the Federal Government.

Because of the law of attraction or The Secret, An Awaking or whatever you want to call it I have been blessed knowing some of the top people in the world personally, that have empowered and inspired me. Everyday names! Never did I think I would need to call on them for a cause so close to my heart, my own mother. I have always helped everyone I can along the way, before myself even. Now the focus is on my mom and the foundation we started in her name www.LizMartocciLungCancerFoundation.org

I am finally afforded the opportunity the “pay it forward” and with the help of my brother Jay, Sister in-law Jasmine and my sister Laura to create this AMAZING foundation that will not only help our mom, but will also help to keep the tears from running down hundreds of thousands children’s eyes if they are ever faced with the same thing we have been faced with.

Life is what you make of it. If anyone is proof of this, it’s me.

I am going to close with one thing. Thoughts become things. You get what you focus on, whether good or bad. Wake up each day and be thankful. Be thankful you have another chance to change the world.

Ok Maybe two things….. Mom I love you more that you can ever imagine, and with every being in my soul I will be right next to you, whether miles apart, fighting this battle with you.

Love you always,

Dan Hart AKA Danny