Monday, July 14, 2008

Isayah's Story

My nana has lung cancer and she doesn't have insurance so we are trying to do a fundraiser to help her. My family also started to help raise money for her and others. My nana is the best person in the world and i love her more than any thing in the world, there isn't anything i couldn't do without her, without her my life is a whole birds nest. I talk to her about my problems and she is the only one that can help me solve them my mom cant and my dad cant but only my nana can do it, she just has this special power that makes her do it. She takes us to the fair every year and does all that fun stuff with us she buys us things like today she bought us a fish so far shes bought us 5 pets and if you put all of them together that's a lot of money and do you know why she does all those things for and with us do you I'm asking you do you know why she does all those things ? Well i do she does it because she LOVES US AND WE LOVE HER AS MUCH AS SHE LOVES US ESPECIALLY ME I WOULD GIVE MY LIFE FOR HER AND I'M NOT JOKING I'M DEAD SERIOUS NOW YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. I really hope you all that read this letter help our nana by at least donating maybe 5 to 10 maybe even less and remember if all of you that read this letter and give in a couple of dollars you will all be blessed by god if you allow him in to your heart you will be blessed
by your grandson who loves you more than anything in the world ISAYAH ANTHONIE BURNS - 11 years old

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