Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So we are over the first speed bump

This morning first thing, even before my first cup of coffee, I sent an email to my brother, sister and uncle telling them we are only at the first of many “bumps” in the road. The road ahead is long and unpaved and we need to be the ones to pave it. The foundation was not started to help only mom, it was started to help, help people just like us. The people faced with a brick wall over and over. Helping to get over that brick wall, one person and family at a time. We are going to knock that wall over and overcome the challenges we as a family have faced.

Today we have started just that. Since we started this mission, purpose or passion in life we have been blessed with the support, thoughts and prayers of over 100 people. I can’t speak for the other board members or family members when I say this, however this has become a passion and purpose in my life. I am sure the other board members and family members will agree. We have started something that should have been started years ago, back in the 1970’s when the US declared war on Cancer. I often wonder why the USA, being a world leader does not have national insurance. The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation will work hard to change that, every person deserves the same treatment, regardless of their financial situation.

The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation was only an idea just 13 days ago and today we are impacting the lives of people all over the continental US and soon to be the world. We have in place already a Blue’s Band fund raiser here in Phoenix as a start. We are going to bring this cause across the world so The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation will change the lives of millions.

I am going to close this blog with only one thing. Mom I love you and with your battle with lung cancer the foundation started in your name will change the world.

So even I am not sure why I say I am going to close with only one thing, as I never do. Mom for your 53rd birthday you are getting a passport. I am headed back to Cancun for an amazing transformational workshop where you and I will walk over 1200 hundred degree coals hand in hand, without breaking a sweat.

I love you mom, and I love that you have taught us to change the world even though we were unsure how to do it. You did it without knowing, I am pretty sure!


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