Monday, July 14, 2008

When NO is not an option

“Play it safe, don’t take any unnecessary risk with money and investments”, was the constant in put from my family growing up. You see I grew up the oldest child of a spilt family. My mom, a single working mother raised us three children the best she knew how. We moved from Michigan to California for a better life but was it really? Like so many other families now days the struggle to survive is very overwhelming and disempowering, with all the corporate downsizing due to outsourcing to other countries, lowering cost through automation, to where the old rules of working with the same company until you retire no longer apply anymore.

I will never forget the day I went to the mailbox with my mom, at 13 years old, reason unknown, but it has changed my life forever. My mom put that bronze key in the mailbox and opened it to find it STUFFED. I remember thinking we can’t have that many bills, granted I was only 13. All of the envelopes were the same. My mom opened one, then another. They were all made out for the same amount for every week my father was past due on child support. We had won the LOTTERY!!!!!! My mom, through her tears, said, “we’re going to Disney Land” she rented a van and allowed each of us to invite a friend to go. It was like Christmas in July for us. We had never been on a family vacation together, it was an unforgettable experience.

So, why am I sharing this with you now? Because my mom is an extremely powerpower woman. She has lung cancer and she does not have medical insurance to cover her treatment. Worse yet she can not even get disability or Social Security because her employer of 11 years has not paid into her SSI for the last 5 years. What a system we have in the US of A! Someone that works hard can not even get medical treatment because they only make $8 hr, and their boss does not do what they are supposed to do, simply take taxes from their check and pay them to Social Security. My mom and Pop’s are tax paying citizen’s, even with a total income of just of $30K a YEAR they had to pay more to the Federal Government.

Because of the law of attraction or The Secret, An Awaking or whatever you want to call it I have been blessed knowing some of the top people in the world personally, that have empowered and inspired me. Everyday names! Never did I think I would need to call on them for a cause so close to my heart, my own mother. I have always helped everyone I can along the way, before myself even. Now the focus is on my mom and the foundation we started in her name

I am finally afforded the opportunity the “pay it forward” and with the help of my brother Jay, Sister in-law Jasmine and my sister Laura to create this AMAZING foundation that will not only help our mom, but will also help to keep the tears from running down hundreds of thousands children’s eyes if they are ever faced with the same thing we have been faced with.

Life is what you make of it. If anyone is proof of this, it’s me.

I am going to close with one thing. Thoughts become things. You get what you focus on, whether good or bad. Wake up each day and be thankful. Be thankful you have another chance to change the world.

Ok Maybe two things….. Mom I love you more that you can ever imagine, and with every being in my soul I will be right next to you, whether miles apart, fighting this battle with you.

Love you always,

Dan Hart AKA Danny

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