Friday, July 18, 2008

Disability Kicks In

So hear goes another night of my mind racing 100 miles an hour, wondering what else I can do to help my mom and others in her situation. The foundation has raised just over $2500 in gifts in just a week. $390 of that went to moms Dr Visit yesterday. Last night while I was blogging I knew we had it all under control. Mom needed a PET CT scan we were told. That was fine, $2400 would not be difficult to come up with, after all we still have just over $2100 in the foundations account. Then the shocker hit, the doctor has also requested a brain scan. The brain scan is $4500. It appears we will need to come up with about $4800 in less than 96 hours. If my math is correct we need to average gifts $50 an hour until her test, and that does not count the payment processing time. Of course it is possible; however I am not certain how to do it. Just over a week ago I could not imagine getting to the point we are currently at, yet we did so I know we will get over this hill. I am not sure what country song it is but one speaks about sometimes those mountains we are trying to get over are really just a grain of sand. I know this is just that. I will continue to focus on the end goal and the path to get there will appear.

Today has actually been a pretty cool day. Mom is scheduled to see what stage her lung cancer is in. Tuesday is the big day for the scans, both PET CT and brain, and then it is the waiting game. Waiting is hard for me I can’t imagine what she must feel like. Mom also got a letter from disability saying she will receive a check each week for $217. She called me at work to tell me and it was the most excitement and joy I have heard in her voice in weeks. The 501c3 paperwork is coming along well. It was suggested we add a disclaimer to the site stating donations are considered gifts at this time and may or may not be tax deductible.

As you may know from previous blogs mom has never really used a computer, thus making blogging a little difficult. We considered having her write in a journal with pen and paper and then one of us would type it out. Most likely my brother or sister since I live 350 miles away in Arizona. I decided it would be a good idea if mom did it in her own words and her own voice. I talked with mom and asked if she would be willing to do it and she agreed. I then spoke with my brother and sister to make sure they were on board and now you can listen to mom online. She simply calls into a number that records her much like a voicemail and a link is created that can be posted on the internet. If you read my last blog, tonight I am thinking the internet is a great thing.

I called her and told her the number to dial and what to do and asked her to call me back when she was done. She was eating ice cream at the time so I expected she would wait until tomorrow to do it. Not 5 minutes later my phone rang and it was mom. I played the audio on my computer while she listened. I think she was pretty amazed. I have now posted it on the foundation website Currently it is on the Meet Liz page, however as she records more and more audio file of her battle with lung cancer I will archive them on a special page. My nephews that are not yet old enough to write to their nana can also call in and record and we will post them as well. The audio is a great way to hear my mom’s voice whenever I need to. I also hope it will inspire others that are either living with lung cancer or are a friend or family member to do the same.

Amazing things are happening all around us. What seemed impossible last week now is possible. Personally I have grown leaps and bounds in just the last week.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Until next time may god and the universe bless you and those around you,

Dan Hart

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