Saturday, July 19, 2008

We Will Beat this Disease

Today when I woke up I called mom she didn't answer so I went on about my morning business well about 45 mins went by and mom still hadn't called back so I called again still no answer this time I was getting kind of worried she usually answers the phone when one of the kids call. I called my pops and asked him if mom was around he said she was in the shower, wow what a relief I thought maybe something was wrong because with this disease you just don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. I know that we will make this goal to cover the scans so we can find out what stage were in and fight this thing head on. This has been a real struggle for me other than the coughing you really cant tell mom is sick but in my head I know she is truly sick and will only get better with the support from our family members.
So in closing I just want to say that everything works out for a reason and this is just another reason for us to continue on. because we will beat this disease that makes everyone stronger. May god bless you and your family's


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