Monday, July 21, 2008

A more positive outlook

Well today has been a great day. We have been getting contributions for the foundation most of the day! Wonderful! As I chatted with my brother over the weekend we were both wondering when the contributions would start kicking in. As you know tomorrow is a big day for mom. She's going to have her scans, which are costing a ton of money!! $6900.No worries though. We are getting there. By mom's appointment tomorrow we will have what it takes. I am a true believer in "God will only give you what he thinks you can handle". Everything that he has given me thus far I have been able to over come (mostly with the help of my family). When I first found out mom has lung cancer, it devastated me. But as time passed with the support of my brothers (I LOVE YOU GUYS!) I have been able to get through this, you see because I know the Lord knows I can't lose my mom therefore she's not going anywhere. This devastating disease has definitely taken a toll on our family. We have grown stronger as a family & we will get through this. I can remember at the beginning of this wondering how we were going to help our mom. We all put ours heads together & started this foundation for mom & many others. Please visit our site Contribute if you can but if you can't remember to sign in on our guest book. I'm going to wrap this up by saying mom is feeling good most days. Soon she will feel better everyday. Thank you to everyone who has helped our family and this foundation. May god bless you & your families.

With Love Laura

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