Friday, August 1, 2008

With love respect and Gratitude

WOW is all I can type. Me, myself and I (Dan Hart) has had the most AMAZING journey to get to where I am. Where I, am, is, a son of an incredible mother, a brother to an amazing man, a sister in law (law sucks) to an amazing woman and a brother to an astounding woman. Without each and every one of them I would simply be a face in a crowd. If you have met me or any of my family you know we are not a face in the crowd. We have nothing that stands out and makes us “different” except one thing our last name is HART.

As I type these words I could not be more proud to say I am a HART. Our mom married into the Hart family and dealt with the “crap” it would bring. She has 3 wonderful children that are proud of her for everything she has ever done. Recently while at UCSD Thornton Hospital mom said to me “ I am sorry, I wish I could turn back time and make you, kids life better, I would change so much” In that nano second I thought, but did not say, “Mom you have made me who I am and you did the same for my brother and sister, you should be so proud.”

My uncle Tim brought my reality back to earth when he said “ I am so proud of you kids for pulling together to help your mom the way you have”.

What was our option?? To pull together and make it happen or sit around and watch it happen?? Make it happen was the only option. I am certain we all crossed lines, broke thru brick walls we did not mean to cross with only one vision in mind, MOM WILL BE CANCER FREE. Actually MOM IS CANCER FREE. Strange how you change the text and meaning and feeling is so different. Or is it?

Mom is a FIGHTER. She is going to kick this cancer is the @ss. Mom has the support and prayers of 10’s of thousands of people she has never met and the WILL she gave her children at birth. Personally I would never change a thing about my up bringing. It has made me who I am. My brother Jeff, sister Laura and I all sit on the board of the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation with only one vote; however we know we have the power within our selves to change the world.

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new encounter; however as a HART I know we will face it, find a way around it without starting another war, and move forward.

With love respect and Gratitude I close this,

I love you mom and 10’s of thousands feel the same way. Fight with all you have!!!

Love Always,



adrienne said...
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adrienne said...

Laura,BO-BO,Jazmine,and kids,I LOVE YOU ALL, including your mom I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. I just listened to the audio from the day she was diagnosed I LIZ I LOVE YOU the MOST!I can't stop crying and just hope that you guys know how much I love you all! LIZ YOU WILL BEAT THIS !!!! I know it!!My prayers are with you ALL.I also put you on the churches prayer list. Please worry about nothing but getting better!!!!!!!!LOVE Adrienne