Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today was the day of moms first chemo

Today was the day of moms first chemo and boy what a day it started a 7 am and didn’t end until 230pm mom was scared and talking all the way about the poison that’s about enter her body all I said is this poison is going to take away the poison that is already in your body I think that kind of made her feel a little better she didn’t eat breakfast because she didn’t know if she could so we are waiting for her to get called I go and get a newspaper from the hospital but I made a sidetrack to the cafeteria I hadn’t eaten either and my stomach was growling so I grabbed a breakfast burrito ate it on the way back so mom couldn’t see me eat it (boy was that a guilt) by the time i get back she is getting ready to go and start the chemo we are now in the room and Sharon the nurse greets us and ask if she brought lunch mom says she didn't know what to expect and did not Sharon states she has a menu for mom and moms eyes lit up like no tomorrow. She was really hungry Sharon puts the first drug in about 1030 which will take about and hr and half mom is watching her watch because the said they would bring her menu about 12 but instead Jaz and I go up to the cafe and grab mom some lunch she ate it all boy was she hungry. Then mom falls asleep and watching her in the bed was pretty painful knowing my mom is sick is truly painful but as the drips go slowly into her arm I know it will get her better. So as I close this blog I just wonder what my brother and sister were thinking as the day went by as I was fortunate enough to be there for her on her first day of chemo and many more to come.

Mom I love you.


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