Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tougher than expected

Who could have prepared themselves for the last week? Mom did her first round of chemo a week ago today. The days to follow were very hard for me. All of us. As I sit here again at work not able to go to chemo with mom again, my thoughts are: Will it hit her in the days to follow as hard as it did this last week? My brother came to visit this weekend & we actually got mom out of the house. She's finally eating & now she has to do it all over again. Mom hang in there! We will kick this cancer in the butt!! I can't imagine how my mom is feeling, as for me it's killing me inside. Seeing how pail her face is, how much weight she is losing, just not having enough energy to walk to the car. Can anyone really prepare themselves for this? I don't think so. My life has been so crazy lately all I want to do is make my mom better. I know she will get better & soon. My mom is a fighter & so are all of us. Hang in there brothers! I love you guys! Mom please remember when you are feeling like sh.. That you have it in you to fight, just have to find it. I know sometimes (most) it's hard, hell it's easier to give up but we can't. We need you to get better. So mom continue this fight. It may get hard hopefully it will get easier, but we together all of us will fight it with you. Remember when you are home alone feeling yucky that we are here, Researching to make you better. I love you mom with all that I have in me. Isayah, Lamont Eugene, & Julias need you get strong! They can't wait until you can watch them pass the ball in football. We all love you mom! With all my love until next time. May god bless everyone. Lori

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