Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today is a little harder than most.

Today mom is going through her first round of chemo. As I sit here at work my only thoughts are of her. How she must be feeling, what she's going through physically and emotionally. I know she's going to get through it because she is strong and Jay and Jaz are with her. Oh how I wish I could be there holding her hand and talking her through this. I can't imagine what my brother Danny is going through. He misses many of the things mom goes through because he's so far away. I wonder how she will feel afterwards. I spoke with her last night and I could hear the fright in her voice as she is dreading today. In her heart and mine I know this will make here better but the fact that she is going to get very sick before getting better is tearing me up inside. My boys are starting pop warner today and mom is worried she won't make it to many of their games. Got to love my mom that's what she's worried about. Isayah my oldest the only one of my boys who truely knows what's going on with his Nana told me to tell her it's ok if she doesn't make it to any of his games but just to get better. I wonder what this is doing to him. They are so very close. It must be hard to deal with this as a kid, hell it's hard for me as an adult. Isayah is strong though and so is mom. Together our family will get through this. So I am ending this with Mom you are a fighter and so are all of us. Just continue to fight and never give up! We all need you. Thank you for making me the woman I am today. One thing I learned from mom is always fight, never give up.

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