Thursday, November 20, 2008

One man really stood out

Hey it’s me, Dan Hart. It has been a while since I have posted a blog so I thought I better get back into it. Let me start off with how hectic life has been. Since my last blog I went to an amazing conference hosted by my mom’s doctor. I have to say I was blown away. The people we met were amazing. My brother, sister, mom and sister in-law all went together. I went to the conference with one thing, no expectations. I left with more knowledge and gratitude than I could have ever imagined.

While we were at the conference mom ran into a couple of people she knew from her support groups. One man really stood out, he had tubes going into his nose, it was obvious he was ill. Mom mentioned how much worse he looked since she last saw him. Let’s call him Bob. We also ran into another really nice couple, most likely in their 60’s. The husband is a 3 year lung cancer survivor. He had 2 of 3 lobes in one lung removed and the other lung no longer worked. He was told 3 years ago he had 3-6 months to live. Guess he proved them wrong. Looking at this man you would never know he was sick, you could tell that he had smoked, actually he looked like a smoker. He is living with only 20% of what a normal person has for lung capacity yes he was walking around just like you and I. The best part is he could not wait for the first Saturday of Nov 09 as this would be his third conference given by Dr B, my mom’s Dr. It was refreshing to know after 3 years his life was so normal.

On Nov 3, 2008 I had the pleasure of taking my mom to her chemo treatment for the first time. Again I went with no expectations. The infusion center was comfortable. They even had a place for guests to site. Mom and I sat there and watched TV (each station has its own TV) It was nothing like I imagined. The Moore’s Cancer Center brings pleasure to those dealing with Cancer. Mom had her big treatment that day. I must say I am grateful for being able to share that day with my mom. After all she held my hand when I was 11, on Halloween, getting my appendix out. Chemo reminded me of donating plasma, yet you do not have the side effects or fear of whether or not it is working.

Oh yea, you also do not have the statistics looming in your mind, after all statistics say 5 years. Mom is a fighter and so are we (her kids)
After my pleasure of taking mom to chemo I had to face the fact I was no longer employed. While I quit my job based on values and respect, the fact I did it in such a tough economy makes it hard. The great part is I am pouring all of my heart and soul into the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation. The is still new and funding is limited; however, emailing and talking to people that are in need and bringing them the help they so deserve makes me sleep well at night. One of the friends I met through the foundation, who is also dealing with stage IV lung cancer, told me my calls to her help to keep her going just another day. She doesn’t have anyone else to talk to, yet when I call she picks up the phone right away. The amazing part is we never talk about her illness, we talk about her goals. She enlightens me and I hope to thing I bring a smile to her face.

There is no purpose to this blog other than the fact if you believe in your heart and you make a change in ONE person’s life it will go on and on and on. Pay it forward and do it everyday.
God Bless,

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Dan Hart

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