Friday, May 15, 2009

Farrah special tonight

Hello Everyone and Thank you for your Support,

If you saw the Farrah special tonight you have an idea of what cancer does to a person. Cancer affects the patient as a person, I often wonder what must go through their mind as they lay their head on their pillow each night. For me personally the Farrah special gave me a new perspective on what those dealing with any kind of cancer must feel. I only know it from a sons perspective. Farrah shed new light for me, and for that I thank her for her courage.

You see I only know it as a son. My mom is fighting, and fighting hard, stage IV lung cancer. It has been almost a year since she has started on her courageous fight. Next week will make the "X-ray" saying she needed more testing. It was not until July when she found out her stage, stage IV, the second to the last stage of cancer.

I want to share something with you that you may already know. In honor of my mom we started a foundation to help those that get that "X-Ray" get the tests they need as fast as possible. We NEED your help. We recent;y became a 501c3, thus you donations are tax free. I understand how tight money is, However if everyone donated just $1 and forwarded this email to everyone they know will be able to help those dealing with this horrible disease
Join us with a dollar ot two. But please pass this email along.

Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation Announces Tax Exempt Status as Official 501 C3 Organization

Phoenix, AZ (PressExposure) April 22, 2009 -- We are pleased to announce that the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation is now an approved 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity under US tax law. The IRS grants this coveted status upon organizations who meet specific legal requirements and operate under strict conditions with the goal of providing a public benefit. 501(c)3 status makes the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation exempt from paying federal taxes and allows any donations to be a tax deduction for the donor. This status is also a requirement by all foundations and government agencies when applying for grants. We started the process in July of 2008 when the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation was formally organized as a public charity non-profit corporation. After many forms and paperwork, legal fees, government fees, and a lot of effort we were able to surpass this milestone and be granted exempt status.

President Dan Hart was excited about the organization getting the news. “We are pleased to say our dream is finally coming true now that we are tax exempt. We look forward to making a difference in the lives of those faced with lung cancer.” Many people find out that they may have lung cancer through a chest x-ray. Often a CT scan and biopsy are requested to confirm. “Our goal is to help those people without insurance get the tests and treatments they need as quickly as possible” says Hart. One only needs to search the phrase “lung cancer” on the internet to find hundreds of heart-wrenching articles and stories relating to the struggles of those faced with lung cancer and their families.

The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation had some bold goals in mind as they set to launch this foundation in July 2008. Lung cancer is the NUMBER ONE cancer killer in American men and women of all ethnicities. In 2008, more than 215,000 American men and women will be newly diagnosed with lung cancer. Tragically, approximately 162,000 people will lose their lives to the disease. Lung cancer kills more people in the United States every year than breast, colon, and prostate cancer combined. While lung cancer takes the lives of more people each year it is the most underfunded.

Since our beginning, we have witnessed, first hand, the hopeless need for support in living expenses, doctor referrals, and genuine love. We have devoted ourselves to addressing these issues and are dedicated to helping people living with lung cancer overcome these issues. “We want to help comfort people in the one of the most difficult situation anyone can be faced with” says Hart

Every 2 minutes, worldwide, someone is diagnosed with lung cancer. “We want to help those people and change the statistics” says Hart.

About Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation

The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation began on July 9, 2008 with one purpose in mind to help those faced with this horrible disease, living without insurance, find and receive the medical treatment they so deserve. Often the middle class hard working are often the ones that can not get the help and support needed during such a tough time. The Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation is here to help those faced with the challenges of the “system” while offering support, resources and compassion. For more information about the Liz Martocci Lung Cancer Foundation or to make a tax deductible donation please visit

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Dan Hart
Every 2 minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer
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