Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Chapter

Well I haven’t blogged for awhile; mom is doing really well with her chemo The first couple of chemos made her feel not so good. I think her body just had to get use to the poison going in her body to kill the other poison that’s already there. Two weeks ago mom came to Brittnee’s soccer game, it was her first game of the year and we won only reason mom came to this game because it was in the am mom doesn’t do to well with sunlight. Early that week we got some good news from the doctor moms tumors are shrinking. Wow this is the best news our family has gotten since we started this mission. We were all very excited mom always has in the back of her mind that the chemo won’t work. Well now I guess she can erase that part and put positives back in there like the blues fundraiser concert that we just had out in the desert. Who would think that we would have the success that we had at the Blues Concert. My brother and his friends set it up. I would like to thank them for doing it and much thanks to the bands for there time.

My wife and Mom went with me out there and on the way out there I got a speeding ticket first time in about 13 years i guess i was just pumped up to go out there for this great mission that we are doing but the funny thing about the ticket it was I got it about 20 mins outside of were I live.

Mom also got a new companion when we got home she got a new Yorkshire terrier her name is Penelope and seems to make her very happy. When I saw the dog last night I told her we should rename the dog to splinter, you know the rat from the teenage mutant turtles that’s what she looks like but she is a cool dog. Well in closing I just want to thank everyone for there support in my moms recovery from this deadly disease this has been the best journey in my life that I can say I am proud of and with continued support of our mission pledge we can help other families with there journeys because we have experienced first hand.

With Love,
Jeffrey Hart

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