Monday, December 29, 2008

Very Inspiring

Hello everyone, As I struggle with my everyday troubles today I sit here feeling blessed. I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine who is going through her own life troubles. She asked me "Laura you have 4 kids how do you do it all by yourself?" All I could say to her is that my belief is that God will not give you anything he doesn't believe you can't handle. She told me I was her role model. Imagine that. Me being someone's role model? All I did was tell her everything would be ok. And I truly believe that. I still struggle with the thought of losing mom lately more than I use to. The holidays have passed and I really enjoyed them this year. Things were done a little differently this year than in years past. I really enjoyed them. I thought the holidays would be somewhat tougher this year because quite honestly I'm not sure if we will continue to have them all together again. Mom has been up and down lately. All I want is for her to get better. It's hard for me to see her coughing so hard that she can't breathe, and then she has a headache for an hour afterwards. I know together as a family we will get through this one step at a time. Things have been a little slow lately for the foundation. I can only hope things will pick up. I am eager to get the word out for awareness of this awful disease. Please as you read our blogs pass on the word to get the awareness out there. Anyway until next time I will leave you with this: You may never know who looks up to you. It's possible that you too are someone’s role model. Remember that anything is possible. Live, love & prosper.
Laura Hart

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