Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Comforting Words

Sometimes I can't find the words to tell myself or my family members to help get through this. Tomorrow is mom's appointment with the radiologist. I must admit I am a bit nervous. What will radiation do to mom? I keep wondering how she will get through it? I know she will but how sick will she get before it's over? Chemo really did it's work on mom. There were days she didn't even look like my mom. That is very hard for me to see. I know that together as a family we can do this but I still can't find those comforting words. I wonder if I ever will. I say a prayer to the lord above every night. It's funny how things are. I have always believed in the lord but I never regularly said prayers. Now I say one every night before bed. I pray that he will watch over my mom & get her through this. I pray for my family. I know we will get through this. Someone told me today to remember it will have it's ups & downs. Boy you can say that again! Mom just got out of the hospital yesterday, after a 4 day stay. You see she was going to have this procedure to insert a tube into her lung so she could breath better, however they weren't able to do the procedure because her tumor is to large & hard. So the next day she told me she felt awful. Like she had been hit by a car. All I could think was dam what's happening to my mom now?? She told me she couldn't move her arms or legs. It turns out she had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Mom is better now. Hopefully no more trips to the hospital anytime soon. Well I'm going to end this with Remember you might always not be able to find comforting words, that's ok just listen.

With love until next time Laura

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