Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A lot can change in 7 minutes

Today I was online cruising around checking out the job market, playing on facebook and myspace when I got an email from my sister. “Guess who I found on myspace brother” She had found a friend of her’s that was actually a friend of the family since the mid 80’s. Oddly I was on facebook just the other day looking for the older sisters, one of which was my roommate in the early 90’s.
Well 7 minutes after the email arrived my sister called me. I knew mom had a Doctor’s appointment today however it was only 10:30 am California time so I did not expect to hear anything that quick. My sister starts out in a somber voice, “hey brother, I wanted to call you before you got a text, mom’s tumors have grown and that’s why she is having trouble breathing and going to the bathroom”. Once again it’s a tough thing to hear when you are 350 miles away, yet less than perfect news is becoming something I am used to. It had only been 7 minutes between my sisters email saying she had found a friend from the past. It amazes me how fast a mood can change.
Dan Hart

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