Monday, February 2, 2009

That Call

Well here we go again mom was supposed to have radiation today but instead I got THAT CALL. saying “mom has to go to the emergency room because of severe stomach pain”. So I told Jaz to keep me posted and that when I got off work, I would come by the hospital and see how things are going. When I got there it was a little bit more than I have seen in the past this time was probably the worst. It kind of reminded me of a video that my brother has shown me in the past. That video was a scary real life experience that somebody else was going thru, and I see that video in my mom right now. Boy I don’t want to see that video come to real life for mom and her family but now I think that it really is coming and I just don’t know how to really deal with that. All the pain I saw her suffering from her face looking like the guy from pure luck (remember when he gets stung by a bee). Wow this is some real shit sometimes I wonder when that one phone call comes that nobody wants is going to come. Will it be tomorrow or will it be 5 years from now. Who knows only 2 people, the man upstairs and my very lovely mother. Maybe the pain that she is suffering is from the toxins build up from her not doing number 2 for a week, maybe it’s just the cancer taking over who knows. I just wish this will all go away and mom back to the way she was when we were little kids. As we get older things are going to come into our lives that we have no control over. That's what’s messed up about life. in closing I would like to say nobody wants that phone call but what are u going to do when it comes I guess deal with it like all the other calls that have been made.
with love
Jeffrey J Hart

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