Sunday, February 15, 2009

What To Do!!!!

So I have not typed a blog in a while. Basically because it has been hard. I live 350 miles away and basically mom will not even pick up the phone to talk to me. She simply “texts” me back. With messages as “ Feeling Fine , pooped 3 times today hurts a lot,, finished lunch little sausage and some homemade macaroni and chesses. As you and I know text messages do not show emotions.

I miss my mom my mom A LOT. It has been about a month since I have seen her. I never know what to expect when I do visit. My brother and sister say the worth, but each time I go I do not see the worth. I know mom is hurting, I know the chemo and radiation take a toll. I expect that right know.

I know my (our mom) will pull out of this. I speak with people every day that have lost their loved one in months. I just read about one that was DX on Nov 26 and lost her battle on Monday. She was only 39. I do not know if she smoked but does that matter?

I know I am still fighting the cause I hope everyone ready this dose he same .

God Bless,
Dan Hart

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